Coaching FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions people have about coaching:

What is coaching?

When you think of a coach, most people think of sports. Life and business coaching became a popular trend starting in the 1980's and grew out of a combination of influences including athletic performance coaching, human potential movement, positive psychology and neuroscience. Imagine if the same support and attention that has developed professional athletes could be applied to your life or business? Coaching is a process that helps you tap into your inner strength, purpose and passion and connect that with your outer goals and dreams to bring about extraordinary results. At it's heart, coaching is simply a conversation - but it's a special, intentional conversation where the coach helps pull out from the client their own wisdom and insights. Coaches do not give advice or tell clients what they should do; but they will help you get in touch with your own answers and guide you in achieving your goals. 

My specialty is reinvention so I work with clients that are going through a big change - that change could be instigated by you, such as career move or could be something that has shown up in your life and is now requiring you to recreate yourself - such as a death of a loved one, divorce or illness. From a corporate perspective, my clients are looking to make a major shift or change in how they show up at work or how their team or company operates. 


How can a leadership coach help me?

I will help you create a crystal clear vision of who you want the new you to be -  making sure we are creating a life that is exactly what you need and want. We'll look at your values, your passions, your strengths, your desires. We'll look not just at what you are doing in your life now but who you are being. We'll create a road map to get from where you are now to where you want to be. I'll help you set achievable goals and help you remain accountable to what you want to accomplish. Along the way to reinvention, it's natural for roadblocks to appear - these could be external blocks or internal fears, thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the old you. We'll face these blocks and do the deep work needed to heal and let them go. Along the way, we'll celebrate your successes, track your progress and I will provide you with the tools, support and structure to begin doing this work on your own - getting in touch with your own internal coach.

How is coaching and therapy different?

It's a great question. There are a lot of similarities and the American Counseling Association liken coaching and therapy to step-siblings. To simplify a complex subject, you could say coaches focus more on the future and is more solutions and goal focused. But many therapists these days are using coaching techniques in their practice so there is cross-over. One important distinction is that coaches do not work with mental illness. If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD or any other mental illness, a professional coach is ethically obligated to refer you to a licensed therapist or psychologist. One other distinction is that therapists are licensed from the state. Right now, the coaching profession is not state regulated so essentially anyone can call themselves a coach. Any coach you see should be certified from a school that is accredited through the International Coaching Federation. For more information about the differences between therapy and coaching, read Should You See a Therapist or a Coach.

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