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Team Development Solutions


Measurable Change

Using personality and behavioral assessments in combination with learning and development, you can build strong, cohesive teams that are better equipped to deliver on your business objectives. The value of these assessments lies in increasing individuals self-awareness around their own behavioral tendencies and sharing that knowledge with each other to improve communication and reduce unhealthy conflict. 


Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. This simple yet powerful model describes four basic styles: D, i, S, and C, and serves as the foundation for the Everything DiSC Application Suite. Participants receive personalized insights that deepen their understanding of self and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective. The result is a more engaged and collaborative workforce that can spark meaningful culture improvement in your organization.

The Five Behaviors

The Five Behaviors® combines the framework of Patrick Lencioni’s model for teamwork with personalized insights to create powerful, customized and authentic team development solutions that empower individuals to make lasting change.The team assessment measures team health based on: Trust, Healthy Conflict, Committment, Accountability and Results. 


Adaptability quotient

The AQ Model measures adaptability of individuals and organizations. Measuring the abilities, characteristics, and environmental factors that impact the successful behaviours and actions of people and organizations to effectively respond to uncertainty, new information or changed circumstances. The higher your AQ, the more likely you will be able to recover from setbacks, find alternative solutions to problems and embrace change. AQ is measured across three key core dimensions: Ability, Character and Environment.


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