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What clients are saying

Every coaching engagement is a partnership. Here is a small sampling of what some of my coaching & training clients have to say about the success they found through our partnership. In some cases, I did not use full names to protect their privacy. 

"Drive meaningful change"

Our team had the opportunity to work with Amy Lewis, an exceptional Executive Coach who has made an indelible impact on our team.


One of the standout experiences we had with Amy was her administration of the DISC assessment. With her deep understanding of human behavior and dynamics, Amy skillfully guided us through this assessment, unveiling invaluable insights into our individual personalities and communication styles. She created a comfortable and open environment for our team to discuss and embrace our diverse strengths, enhancing our understanding of one another and fostering improved collaboration.


Amy's engaging approach effortlessly led us through dynamic team-building activities, allowing us to forge stronger bonds and develop a true sense of camaraderie. Her ability to tailor each session to our team's specific needs showcased her versatility as a coach and her commitment to our growth and success.


I strongly recommend Amy to anyone seeking an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated coach who can drive meaningful change and deliver exceptional results.

Whitney Lawson

Strategic Creations

"Transformative Work"

Our agency worked with Amy Lewis form Amy Lewis Coaching & Consulting, LLC for a period of six months in 2022. From the start of our interactions to the very end, Amy conducted herself with the highest ethical standards thoughtfully and intentionally safeguarding boundaries while being able to facilitate communication amongst all involved parties. She is highly professional, kind in her interactions with clear and transparent communication. The transformative work that she accomplished is inspiring both for her client as well as the agency. She was able to engage with a highly educated and seasoned clinician whose lifelong narratives relentlessly undermined and adversely impacted her presence at work as well as her ability to deliver outcomes. Thank you, Amy, for bringing such unparalleled skill set that delivered a truly transformative work as agreed upon by all parties. 


Clinical Program Director

Non-Profit Organization

"Gave me the insight and answers I needed ..."

Amy is an amazing business coach! Her authenticity was felt throughout our work together. When I went to Amy, I needed clarity and motivation. She guided and motivated me throughout my journey while building my health coaching business. She had the ability to ask the right questions that gave me the insight and answers I needed to make decisions. She has led me in the right direction, always holding a mirror up for me to see my potential and value. Thank you for teaching me to trust my intuition! 


Nurse and Health Coach

"Found harmony as a team ..."

"Amy was simply outstanding! The training exceeded my expectations. Her passion, temperament and professionalism was flawlessly anchored by her authentic ability to ignite reflection and honesty. I would highly recommend Amy and this training to other organizations... as a matter of fact, I already have. Thank you Amy! This was hands down the most relevant and transformative training this team has accomplished in my tenure with the academy. For those that are not familiar with military organizations, navigating the structure can be difficult for some. Amy did so with ease... the team really enjoyed spending time with her and based on their interactions, I could tell she had established credibility right away. We really found harmony as a team and Amy's coaching provided a safe space for all of us to be vulnerable. Home run Amy!!"

Commandant Stephanie Patterson

US Air Force

Mathies Leadership Academy

"Reached my goal of getting promoted to Director"

"I have more confidence. I have clear goals and steps to get there. I have a sounding board to challenge my thinking so I can grow personally and professionally. I have space to reflect, be thankful of progress I've made and areas where I can step it up. I am happy to say that I reached my goal of getting promoted to Director and I don't think I could have done this without the support of Amy. She is fabulous."


Director or Program Management

Tech Company

"I accepted a new role ... it all started with your coaching"

Hey Amy. Just wanted to give you a massive thank you for all your help at a pivotal time. Just accepted a new role a Series B start up that’s exactly what a want ($$$ wise and career wise)…it all started with you with help when I needed it. So thank you!"


Product Marketing Manager

Tech Startup

"Inspires me to be a better leader"

Amy was as good as ever. Her attention to detail is perfect and she always inspires me to be a better leader. The frameworks she taught me are very easy to work with and I've already begun using them with my team.



"Indispensable Support System"

Amy was always right there with me on my agenda as I began the journey of starting my own business. I regarded her as an indispensable support system while I was faced with difficult decisions, and she introduced much needed clarity that aided me in those tough times. Amy was very skilled at guiding me forward into action and I was able to enjoy more focus, direction, and accountability than ever before. My goals were well-defined under Amy’s guidance and this made my success attainable.


Life Coach

"The Right Decision"

"Over the 6 months I worked with Amy, she helped me identify certain negative patterns that I recognized but didn't realize how much they were affecting my business. I was able to make the important decision to part ways with my business partner and go out on my own. This was the right decision and my business has improved and stress has decreased.



"Reshaped my Thinking"

"In four months with Amy; she helped shape my reshape my thinking and provided a great toolkit for forward progress in my career progression. I like the way I now approach difficult conversations, rather than just lending an ear I can now redirect the conversation to a more constructive path. I also am comfortable delegating and letting others own responsibilities. As a very seasoned recruiter, I now take a step back from tasks that aren't mine and let others run things their way. My coping with stress and anxiety has improved with the program's tips and tools. When I am "time traveling" (aka worrying about the past and future), I stop myself and try to focus on silencing my mind and meditating. I am extremely grateful to Amy for the coaching."



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